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Yarn circle a step in the right direction

22 August 2014

Date posted: 22 August 2014 A new program gives local men the opportunity to talk about their problems in a safe environment in New South Wales.

An alcohol and other drug free lifestyle major plus for jobseekers

21 August 2014

Date posted: 21 August 2014 Major infrastructure projects, under way in Shoalhaven, New South Wales, present numerous opportunities for jobseekers, but they also pose a test of personal responsibility.

Tenders called for contractor to build Aboriginal alcohol and other drug retreat

20 August 2014

Date posted: 20 August 2014 The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government is taking steps to build an Aboriginal bush retreat for alcohol and other drug rehabilitation near Tharwa.

The Glen Rehabilitation Centre in jeopardy

12 August 2014

Date posted: 12 August 2014 The future of The Glen Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Rothbury, New South Wales (NSW), is in jeopardy because a not-for-profit company owned by the Federal Government intends to sell the property, Chief Executive Officer, Joe Coyte, said.

Rehabilitation facility will be open to everyone in North West region of South Australia

7 August 2014

The new alcohol and drug rehabilitation service for the North West region of South Australia (SA) will be open to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients, according to the Federal member for Grey.

DRUMBEAT improves mental health of Western Australian prisoners

1 August 2014

Date posted: 1 August 2014 An independent evaluation, by the University of Western Australia (UWA), of an innovative program trialled in Western Australian (WA) prisons has found a group-based program that combines hand drumming with social and emotional learning can improve the mental health of prisoners.

Wimmera Aboriginal community ice forum a success

30 July 2014

The Wimmera's first Aboriginal community ice forum went for five hours, and still attendees wanted more.

End of the road for Makin' tracks

23 July 2014

An award-winning counselling service for Aboriginal alcohol and other drug users in South Australia has had its Federal funding cut.

Surge in methamphetamine use among Aboriginal peoples

22 July 2014

The Northern Territory Police says there has been a significant increase in the amount of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples using methamphetamine in urban areas.

Alcohol and other drug rehabilitation facility opening in Pilbara

21 July 2014

Recovering alcohol and other drug (AOD) users could be taught skills in aquaculture, horticulture and agriculture as part of their rehabilitation at a new facility in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Detention facility officially named site for alcohol and other drug rehabilitation centre

18 July 2014

A long-awaited alcohol and other drug (AOD) rehabilitation centre will officially be located at the old Ellis Close detention facility in Port Augusta, South Australia (SA).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alcohol and other drug use in the spotlight

11 July 2014

Health experts from Poche Centres around Australia are assembling in Darwin, Northern Territory, on July 11 2014 for a Key thinkers' forum to discuss alcohol and other drug use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

New DVD helps raise awareness for alcohol and other drug workers

10 July 2014

Nathan Deaves and Wade Longbottom work in the Workforce Support Unit at the South Coast Aboriginal Medical Service.

Breaking the cycle of crime and drugs

2 July 2014

The thought of his young family and the example he was setting for his sons helped Peter Loakim break the cycle of crime and drugs.

Locals hear message of Swimming the river

30 June 2014

Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation (CAC) hosted the launch of an Aboriginal education DVD on Friday, June 20.

The dangers of drug taking

17 June 2014

Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Services Drug and Alcohol Officer, Fred Carberry, says he is engaging with the community.

Stronger, longer, proud! Jimmy Little community tour to visit Arnhem Land

17 June 2014

The Stronger, longer, proud! Jimmy Little community tour will be travelling to a number of communities in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory (NT) later this month.

Funding boost for alcohol and other drug services

16 June 2014

Queenslanders who experience alcohol and other drug issues will achieve better health outcomes with the Queensland Government providing $27.9 million in funding to support programs over the next three years.

Link between violence and methamphetamine

12 June 2014

The third National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC) conference has heard of a direct link between an increase in violence from the use of the drug crystal methamphetamine (meth).

National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol awards celebrate Indigenous achievements

10 June 2014

The winners of the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol awards were announced last week during the third National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC) conference.

Alcohol and other drug rehab service to open in Murray Bridge

9 June 2014

An Aboriginal alcohol and other drug (AOD) rehabilitation treatment service is to open in Murray Bridge, South Australia, in the coming months.

Knowledge Centre community survey: identifying the information needs of communities in relation to alcohol and other drugs

6 June 2014

The Australian Indigenous Alcohol and Other Drugs knowledge Centre (Knowledge Centre) is conducting a survey to identify the information needs of communities in relation to alcohol and other drugs.

Queensland young person to raise alcohol and other drug issues

30 May 2014

Mt Isa Group Apprenticeship Traineeship and Employment (MIGATE) trainee, Elijah Douglas, plans to raise drug and alcohol issues with the Prime Minister this week in Canberra.

Australian Indigenous Alcohol and Other Drug Knowledge Centre to be launched at NIDAC

28 May 2014

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet is pleased to inform all our users that we have a new web resource dedicated to reducing harm in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities from alcohol and other drug use.

Aboriginal teens voice drug dangers through song

27 May 2014

A group of Aboriginal teenagers from central Queensland have recorded a song warning of the dangers of drug use.

Call for monitoring of prescription drugs as chronic pain sufferers risk addiction

21 May 2014

Health groups are calling for greater oversight for prescription painkillers amid concern sufferers are at serious risk of addiction.

Distance holding rural ice users back from treatment

5 May 2014

Ice users in rural Victoria are travelling over 400 kilometres by bus to access rehabilitation services.

Ex-immigration detention centre confirmed as rehab site

2 May 2014

A contract has been signed to convert a former immigration detention centre in Port Augusta, South Australia, into a long-awaited rehabilitation centre for Aboriginal people.

$34 million to boost alcohol and other drug support services in Victoria

30 April 2014

The Napthine government will attempt to tackle the ice epidemic hitting Victoria with $34 million to boost alcohol and other drug-support services.

Tharwa Aboriginal rehabilitation centre gets tribunal green light

23 April 2014

Rural landholders have lost a planning disagreement with the government over the proposed Aboriginal bush retreat for alcohol and other drug rehabilitation near Tharwa, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), despite their fears it would undermine the area's 'rural character'.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet to launch new alcohol and other drug web resource

17 April 2014

The AIH Substance use team at the HealthInfoNet is pleased to inform all our users that we are developing a new web resource dedicated to providing the evidence-base to reduce the harm of alcohol and other drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Greens propose health-focused approach to drug regulation

15 April 2014

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Greens MLA, Shane Rattenbury, has called on the Legislative Assembly and the Government to investigate a new approach to the regulation of synthetic psychoactive substances.

Oxycodone: the factors behind Australia's increasing use

14 April 2014

Over the past 10 years, the number of prescriptions for pharmaceutical opioids in Australia has soared, and prescriptions for one drug in particular, oxycodone, have shown a significant increase.

Prescription drugs contribute to high rate of overdose deaths in Victoria

10 April 2014

Prescription drugs caused or contributed to the deaths of 310 of the 374 people to die in Victoria from drug overdoses last year - prompting calls for greater controls on medication.

Rising drug use will result in increased dental problems

4 April 2014

Australian health experts have warned a rise in drug use will cause an increase in other health issues including severe dental problems.

Concern surrounding the use of ice

28 March 2014

The Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister, Nigel Scullion, says he's concerned about the growing use of the drug ice or crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride in communities.

Wyndham leaders unite to tackle impact of drug use

27 March 2014

Local community leaders and organisations gathered in Wyndham, Western Australia, to seek joint support for tackling issues related to alcohol and other drugs.

Pre-sentence opportunity program expanded across Perth

25 March 2014

A court program to help more people enter alcohol treatment has now been expanded across the Perth metropolitan region.

Hostel bid for Aboriginal kids in crisis

12 March 2014

Indigenous leader Ted Wilkes has suggested that a coalition of Aboriginal agencies should be funded to set up and manage hostels for neglected children and rehabilitation centres for their parents.

Methamphetamine scourge stalks Indigenous communities

6 March 2014

Strong family connections and kinship within south-west Aboriginal communities is facing one of its biggest-ever tests from methamphetamine (ice).

Parliamentary committee sitting in Warrnambool hears of the new ice age

5 March 2014

A special Victorian parliamentary committee sitting in Warrnambool heard troubling accounts from across the south-west on effects of methamphetamine (ice), which has risen sharply within a few years, but still trails alcohol and cannabis in sheer volume.

NACCHO and NIDAC conducting an amphetamine-type survey

3 March 2014

The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) and the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC) are conducting a survey on amphetamine-type substance use (such as 'speed' and 'ice') among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Hep C stigma causing pain and claiming lives among Aboriginal Australians

21 February 2014

Indigenous Australians are almost three times more likely to contract hepatitis C than the rest of the population and now a research team says that the stigma that comes with the disease is also claiming lives.

Ice group offers help for Wimmera families

20 February 2014

Wimmera families, in Victoria, being affected by crystal methamphetamine (ice) use are seeking solace in each other.

Bus drives home Project ice Mildura message

6 February 2014

Project ice Mildura has unveiled another eye-catching vehicle to drive home its message in the ongoing campaign against methamphetamine (ice) in Mildura, Victoria.

WA's youth justice moves towards positive change.

6 February 2014

Western Australia's Corrective Services Minister Joe Francis is optimistic for a more positive future for young juvenile offenders with the completion of the refurbished units at Banksia Hill juvenile justice centre, which were damage last year during riots.

Ted Wilkes honoured with Order of Australia award

29 January 2014

HealthInfoNet consultant and former Advisory Board member Associate Professor Ted Wilkes was recognised on January 26 for his dedication to fighting for a better quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

South-west Aboriginal leaders struggling for answers to ice epidemic

7 January 2014

Aboriginal community leaders say they are without answers to solve an ice epidemic destroying families in the south-west of Victoria.

New funding for drug and alcohol rehab centre in SA

18 December 2013

After several years of uncertainty, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre will be built at Port Augusta, South Australia.

2012-13 Australian Medical Association Indigenous health report card launched

10 December 2013

The Australian Medical Association's (AMA) Indigenous health report card 2012-13, the healthy early years - getting the right start in life, was released today by Assistant Minister for Health, Senator the Hon Fiona Nash, at Parliament House in Canberra.

New life for troubled 'Insight' teen

29 November 2013

17 year old, Trevor Cook, is not the person he was six months ago.

Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA) defunded

28 November 2013

Funding for the Alcohol and other Drugs Council (ADCA), the national peak body representing organisations and workers in the sector, has been defunded by the assistant Minister for Health, Senator Fiona Nash.

Call for children's rehab centre in north Qld

27 November 2013

Substance use support workers are calling on the State Government to help set up a rehabilitation centre for young children in north Queensland (Qld) caught sniffing chemicals.

Release of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey: first results, Australia, 2012-13

27 November 2013

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey: first results, Australia, 2012-13.

Ice inquiry: impact on Ballarat

21 November 2013

Community leaders have expressed concern over the lack of facilities and services needed to address the harmful effects of methamphetamine (ice) addiction in Ballarat.

Koori peer educators' graffiti at Katungul

19 November 2013

A group of local Koori young people has learned more about hepatitis and in the process, repainted 'Patty' the outreach medical van in colourful street art.

BushMob: Helping young people get back on track

18 November 2013

BushMob's intention is clear; they want young people in Central Australia who have lost their way to make some positive choices in their lives.

Hub to help young people most in need

15 November 2013

A one-stop hub to provide a holistic support service for young people, similar to the national Headspace model, could be established in Port Lincoln, South Australia (SA).

Homebrew black market plagues Queensland Indigenous communities

13 November 2013

Health authorities are warning there is a growing industry in the sale of toxic homemade alcohol in some of Queensland's Indigenous communities.

Tru stories on social media

8 November 2013

A young Indigenous artist from Dubbo, New South Wales (NSW), is one of three who are creating new works to feature in a state-wide arts and health campaign.

Inquiry hears call for Indigenous 'ice' users diversion scheme

1 November 2013

There are calls for the State Government to build a culturally-specific diversion program for Aboriginal people using the drug methamphetamine, or ice, in western Victoria.

Sexually transmissible and blood-borne infections in Australia: 2013 Surveillance Reports

28 October 2013

The HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia: annual surveillance report and the Bloodborne viral and sexually transmitted infections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People: surveillance and evaluation report 2013 was released Monday 21 October at the Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference 2013 by University of New South Wales's Kirby Institute.

Improving prisoner health through access to sterile injecting equipment

28 October 2013

Public health organisations are hopeful that prisoner access to sterile injecting equipment in the Canberra prison - an Australian first - has moved a step closer with the release of the Strategic framework for the management of blood-borne viruses in the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC).

ANCD position paper released: needle and syringe programs

25 October 2013

The Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) has released a position paper on needle and syringe programs (NSPs) and is calling on all Australian governments to significantly increase both their commitment and funding to these vital public health programs.

Pressure on treatment programs as drug use rises among Victorian prisoners

25 October 2013

Almost one in 10 Victorian prisoners is a known drug user yet the Department of Justice (DOJ) has no way of measuring the outcomes of drug treatment programs, the Auditor-General has found.

Call for specialised drug treatment prisons to cut overdose deaths in Victoria

21 October 2013

The magistrate of Victoria's drug court is calling for the establishment of special drug rehabilitation prisons to reduce the rate of overdose-related deaths after prisoners are released.

Victorian community fighting ice 'epidemic' through education

17 October 2013

In the northwest Victorian town of Mildura, 1000 schoolchildren were recently brought together for a drug awareness education campaign put on by a number of local agencies.

Hundreds of Victorian prisoners receiving methadone

14 October 2013

Hundreds of Victorian prisoners are receiving methadone treatment for addictions to heroin and other drugs.

Australian band to donate proceedings of their new single to Indigenous organisation Red Dust

11 October 2013

Australian band In Hearts Wake, in conjunction with their label UNFD, has made available their new single 'Skydancer' in a 'pay what you want scheme' with 100% of the profits going towards supporting Indigenous cultures worldwide through three not-for-profit charity groups.

Hidden risks of 'safe' medicines

9 October 2013

Researchers in Adelaide want new national standards to ensure people are more aware of the potential dangers of over-the-counter medications.

Mural to raise awareness for hepatitis C

4 October 2013

A number of year 9 and 10 Aboriginal students at Forbes High have been busy creating a street art mural as part of a program to raise awareness for hepatitis C.

One in five inmates take drugs in South Australian prisons

1 October 2013

Cannabis and a prescription drug with euphoric effects are South Australian (SA) prisoners' drugs of choice, figures reveal.

'Safe' medications deemed harmful in Indigenous community

27 September 2013

Researchers in Adelaide want national standards reassessed to ensure Indigenous Australians are more aware of the potential dangers of over-the-counter drugs.

New court giving bail to offenders if they take steps to make change

24 September 2013

The Queensland state government is trialling a new court which gives bail to offenders if they take steps to make changes in their lives.

Campaign aims to teach about the impact of ice

19 September 2013

Several regional media outlets have recently reported on community concerns regarding use of the methamphetamine 'ice' in country communities, including several in western Victoria.

Community campaign to make Bendigo a healthier place

13 September 2013

A partnership between leading health and welfare providers in Bendigo, Victoria is working to strengthen community resilience against drugs.

Umoona Tjutagku Health Service Aboriginal Corporation's Coober to Oodnadatta bike ride adventure for 2013

11 September 2013

Umoona Tjutagku Health Service Aboriginal Corporation is again running the COBRA (Coober -Oodnadatta Bike Ride Adventure) for 2013.

Project ICE Mildura welcomes State inquiry

9 September 2013

A campaign against the spread of the illicit drug methamphetamine, or ice, in Mildura, Victoria, has welcomed a statewide parliamentary inquiry into the drug.

ReGen welcomes Victorian Government announcements on methamphetamine and overdose prevention

4 September 2013

UnitingCare ReGen, the lead alcohol and other drug treatment and education agency of UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania, welcomed announcements by Minister Wooldridge of the Victorian Government to fund prevention, education and treatment programs ($1.1 million) for methamphetamines and the Community overdose prevention and education (COPE) program ($200,000) on 30 August 2013.

Young leaders to advise on Indigenous healing

4 September 2013

A new youth-led initiative will support young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make a difference in their communities and achieve healing.

Project ice Mildura

27 August 2013

Youth in Mildura, Victoria, are the 'most important' target group in a combined community push to counter the influence of the drug methamphetamine or ice in the area, according to Mildura police.

Kalparrin drug and alcohol support service still fighting for federal support

27 August 2013

The former operator of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service for Indigenous people in the Murraylands, South Australia, want the centre's funding worries highlighted as a federal election issue.

New resource for Aboriginal health workers on blood-borne viruses

21 August 2013

Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM) has developed a new resource to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers.

Community forum on methamphetamine in Mildura

15 August 2013

This week (August 2013) Mallee District Aboriginal Service will hold a community forum in the first step of a campaign by health and welfare groups about the prevalence of the drug ice in Mildura.Health, education and justice sectors have combined forces for a proactive campaign against methamphetamine (ice) in Mildura, with the first initiative a parents' and carers' information session for the Koori community.Alcohol and other drugs counsellors from Mallee District Aboriginal Services (MDAS) took the lead in drawing attention to the issue with a parents and carers forum earlier this year that was attended by about 120 people.MDAS alcohol and other drugs program nurse manager, Raelene Stephens, said the follow-up forum on Thursday night had been organised because of demand from parents and carers.

Innovative circus program boosts community pride

10 July 2013

An Aboriginal community has found the development of a local circus troupe has been successful in raising the self-esteem of young people and lifting the spirits of Elders.

Loss of SMART courts concerns Northern Territory Chief Magistrate

3 July 2013

The Northern Territory Chief Magistrate says the elimination of 'SMART courts' for substance use related crimes, will see recidivism rise in the Territory, and will not be fairly substituted by the Government's new mandatory rehabilitation scheme.

New clinical web resource helping health practitioners to reduce Indigenous chronic disease

26 June 2013

The Minister for Indigenous Health, the Hon Warren Snowden MP, has today launched the Australian Indigenous ClinicallnfoNet - an innovative web resource designed to assist primary health care workers in the prevention and management of chronic disease among Indigenous people.

WA HealthInfoNet post-workshop survey - we need your feedback

24 June 2013

If you have participated in a HealthInfoNet workshop in WA we need your feedback - please take a few minutes to complete this survey: This survey seeks to find out about the use of our website by workshop participants.

Input sought for substance use policy

22 May 2013

Consultations are being held across the country during May 2013 to inform a new National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples drug strategy (NATSIPDS).

Survey finds young Aboriginal people place high value on finding a job

8 May 2013

A recent survey by Mission Australia on Australia's youth has found young Aboriginal people are more likely to be looking for work than their non-Aboriginal peers, however they are notably less likely to feel they can choose to go to university, travel or find a job upon finishing school than the latter group.

WA justice system - expensive and ineffective

6 March 2013

A new report on the prison system in Western Australia (WA) calls for increased resources in justice reinvestment and a greater emphasis on evidence-based prevention and early intervention strategies for offending.

BushMob helping young people tackle substance use in Alice Springs

28 February 2013

The Australian Government is investing more than $1.8 million in BushMob, a successful program in Alice Springs that helps young people stay free of alcohol and other drugs.

$100 million boost for Aboriginal youth in Northern Territory

20 February 2013

The Australian Government is investing $100 million over the next 10 years in the Youth in communities program, a major initiative that is helping thousands of young Aboriginal people become more engaged with school, work and community life in the Northern Territory.

Free HealthInfoNet workshops in Albany, WA - 11-13 March 2013

20 February 2013

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet will be in Albany, Western Australia delivering free workshops from the 11th - 13th March 2013.

Plan to reduce alcohol and drug toll in Victoria

7 February 2013

The Minister for Mental Health, the Hon.

Social Justice Commissioner welcomes new report on prison vs residential treatment

6 February 2013

A new report by Deloitte Access Economics highlights the cost and health benefits of diversionary programs and community residential rehabilitation for Indigenous peoples who have been convicted of non-violent, substance use related offences.

Alcohol a key factor in suicide within Northern Territory

30 January 2013

A new study has identified alcohol use as strongly associated with suicide in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

New website for Centre for Research Excellence into Injecting Drug Use (CREIDU)

12 December 2012

A new website for a collaborative centre which provides information on injecting drug use (IDU) in Australia is now available.

Young Aboriginal researcher wins Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) Award

22 November 2012

A young Aboriginal researcher's commitment to helping Indigenous Australians address alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems in their own communities was recognised with a national award.

Mary G touring WA Goldfields to promote 'No grog no drugs' message

25 October 2012

Mary G, the 'Queen of the Kimberley' is currently on a tour around the Goldfields towns of Western Australia (WA).

Low Aromatic Fuel Bill 2012 not recommended to proceed by Australian Parliament

3 October 2012

The Central Australian Aboriginal Congress has expressed its dismay at the news that the Senate Committee has recommended that the Low Aromatic Fuel Bill should not proceed.

Report into Aboriginal service delivery in the Northern Territory (NT) makes 12 recommendations

2 October 2012

A report into spending on service delivery in remote Aboriginal communities recommends a reassessment of priorities and greater transparency.

NCPIC produces flipchart to highlight awareness of cannabis use

2 October 2012

The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC), based in Sydney, recently produced a resource designed to raise awareness among Indigenous communities about the negative impact of gunja (cannabis).

HealthInfoNet workshops coming to the Gascoyne/Midwest in November

20 September 2012

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet workshops are coming to the Gascoyne/Midwest region in November.

Cannabis use increasing with alcohol restrictions in remote areas

18 September 2012

Blanket alcohol restrictions in remote regions are being blamed for the increasing rates of cannabis use and a corresponding rise in episodes of psychosis in Cape York, Queensland.

Standard on culturally secure practice in the AOD sector launched

4 September 2012

Minister for Mental Health, Helen Morton, launched the Standard on culturally secure practice (alcohol and other drug sector) [1st Ed.] on 28 August 2012.

HealthInfoNet workshops in the Pilbara (now including Newman)

4 September 2012

The HealthInfoNet will be in the Pilbara next week delivering free workshops from September 10th to the 17th.

New contracts awarded to AOD services in the Kimberley and Pilbara

29 August 2012

Eight new contracts have been awarded to alcohol and other drug services in the Kimberley and Pilbara region of Western Australia (WA).

HealthInfoNet workshops in the Pilbara

27 August 2012

There are still places available to participate in upcoming Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet (AIH) workshops in the Pillbara region of Western Australia (WA).

Inaugural WA alcohol and other drug excellence award winners announced

21 August 2012

The inaugural Western Australian (WA) alcohol and other drug (AOD) excellence awards winners were recently announced by Mental Health Minister, Helen Morton.

HealthInfoNet attending the Western Australian drug and alcohol conference on 7 August

6 August 2012

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet will be running a cafe tomorrow the 7 August (2012) at the Western Australian drug and alcohol conference.

NSW Aboriginal prenatal health campaign to raise awareness of services available to pregnant women

31 July 2012

A new campaign to raise awareness among Aboriginal women about the risks of alcohol and other drug consumption during pregnancy was launched on 27 July, 2012.

HealthInfoNet workshops in the Kimberley

31 July 2012

The HealthInfoNet will be in the Kimberley next week delivering free workshops from August 6th to the 17th.

Positive responses received from HealthInfoNet Substance use survey

23 July 2012

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet recently conducted a survey on the substance use section of its website - including alcohol use, illicit drug use, volatile substance use, and tobacco use.

Boodjari yorga program improves birth outcomes for Aboriginal women

18 July 2012

A program designed to reduce pregnancy and birth problems for Aboriginal women is breaking down cultural barriers and making important inroads into improving maternal and child health in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia (WA).

Application lodged for Indigenous substance use rehabilitation facility in Canberra

29 June 2012

A development application for a substance use rehabilitation facility for Indigenous people has been lodged with the ACT Planning and Land Authority.

2012 National Drug and Alcohol Award winners announced

25 June 2012

The 2012 National Drug and Alcohol Award winners were announced on Friday 22 June at the Plaza Ballroom in Melbourne.

Indigenous Wellbeing Centre takes part in Drug action week campaign

21 June 2012

The Indigenous Wellbeing Centre, located in Bundaberg, Queensland, will provide information on alcohol and illicit drug use as part of national Drug action week, running from 17-23 June 2012.

Funding announced for national alcohol and other drug research centres

21 June 2012

Minister for Mental Health, Mark Butler, announced on 20 June 2012 that $24 million over three years is to be invested into alcohol and other drug (AOD) research.

National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Awards winners announced

11 June 2012

The winners of the inaugural National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Awards were announced on Thursday 7 June, 2012, during the 2nd National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC) conference.

Handbook for Aboriginal alcohol and drug work launched at NIDAC conference today

7 June 2012

The Handbook for Aboriginal alcohol and drug work was launched today (7 June 2012) at the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC) conference in Fremantle, Western Australia (WA).

National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol (NIDAC) conference underway tomorrow, 6 June

5 June 2012

The 2nd National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC) conference is underway from tomorrow 6 June, 2012, at the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, in Western Australia (WA).

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet named a finalist for the National Drug and Alcohol Awards 2012

29 May 2012

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet was recently nominated in the National Drug and Alcohol Awards 2012 for its work on the substance use section of its website.

Three year extension of funding granted to some AOD service providers

24 May 2012

Following recent announcements that some alcohol and other drug (AOD) service providers would no longer receive Federal Government funding as part of the Budget 2012-13, some services have been granted a three-year reprieve.

Call for further remote area rehabilitation services

23 May 2012

An Aboriginal legal aid organisation says the Northern Territory (NT) Government must provide more alcohol rehabilitation services in remote Indigenous communities.

Do you use the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet's substance use section? Take our survey

22 May 2012

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet is undertaking a survey to find out information on users accessing the website, particularly its 'substance use' section.

Applications open for Criminal property confiscation grants program

9 May 2012

Attorney General Christian Porter launched the latest round of the Criminal property confiscation grants program on 2 May 2012.

Government funding withdrawn from successful SA substance use treatment service

3 May 2012

The Federal Government has withdrawn funding from a South Australian (SA) Aboriginal community controlled organisation after 38 years of operation.

DoHA shortlists applicants for substance use funding initiatives

2 May 2012

The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) has now assessed and shortlisted organisations who submitted applications for funding to address substance use issues.

Northern Territory Budget 2012 delivers $20 million investment into correctional services

26 April 2012

A $20.2 million investment in correctional services was announced by Correctional Services Minister Gerry McCarthy on 22 April 2012.

Bourke community to launch awareness campaign targeting alcohol and other drug use

24 April 2012

On Wednesday 2 May 2012, the Bourke Alcohol and drug working group (BAWG) will launch an alcohol and other drug awareness campaign in Bourke, New South Wales (NSW).

Greens call for data collection on drug use in remote APY lands

19 April 2012

The Greens want the South Australian (SA) State Government to consider collecting data on marijuana use in the remote Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Aboriginal lands.

South Hedland Primary School celebrates Close the Gap Day

12 April 2012

South Hedland Primary School, located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia (WA), held a whole school celebration for Harmony Day and Close the Gap Day on 21 March 2012.

Safe and sober support service - making a difference in Alice Springs

11 April 2012

The Safe and sober support service, an alcohol and other drug treatment service in Alice Springs, is making a difference in the community.

2012 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music competition

10 April 2012

The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre has announced the 2012 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music competition.

Dual-purpose alcohol and other drug centre to open in Carnarvon

2 April 2012

A new centre providing day and night treatment services for people in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia (WA) with alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems is set to open.

Midnight basketball program helps reduce youth crime in Kempsey

22 March 2012

The New South Wales town of Kempsey has implemented a social inclusion program for its youth to help reduce substance use and criminal activity.

HealthInfoNet workshops: helping to 'close the gap' in Indigenous health

20 March 2012

To increase access to its web resource and build the capacity of the frontline health workforce - and to assist the health workforce in 'closing the gap' in Indigenous health - the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet will deliver a program of free workshops across Western Australia (WA) over 18 months from April 2012.

Victorian healing program a success for Indigenous participants

5 March 2012

A unique Aboriginal initiative in Victoria is helping break the cycle of addiction and despair by combining indigenous spirituality with conventional treatment.

Plain language background information for volatile substance use now available

1 March 2012

The plain language background information for the volatile substance use web resource is now available online.

Extra funding for Indigenous communities to address substance use

1 March 2012

Certain Indigenous communities will receive extra funding under the government's Breaking the cycle of alcohol and drug abuse in Indigenous communities initiative.

New Indigenous mental health web resource launched

22 February 2012

A new web resource for Indigenous social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) workers is now available on the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet website.

ACT Government to consider future exemptions for kava consumption

20 February 2012

The ACT Government will consider future exemptions that allow for kava consumption after a conditional trial at the National Multicultural Festival.

Tennant Creek sobering up shelter to open in February 2012

10 February 2012

A $1.6 million sobering-up shelter will open in Tennant Creek next week, replacing an older facility which was demolished.

Volatile substance use background information available now

6 February 2012

The web resource for Volatile substance use now includes background information.

Nominations open for Strong Spirit Strong Mind Awards 2012

31 January 2012

The Strong Spirit Strong Mind Awards are being presented by the Western Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (WANADA) in 2012, as part of the Aboriginal alcohol and other drugs (AOD) worker forum being held in Perth from 14-15 March.

New funding and upgrade for the South East Metropolitan Community Drug Service

17 January 2012

The South East Metropolitan Community Drug Service (SEMCDS) has received state Government funding towards an upgrade and new premises in Thornlie, Western Australia.

Australia's first Indigenous youth alcohol and other drug rehabilitation facility opens

19 December 2011

On December 15, the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) celebrated the opening of Bunjilwarra, the first Australian alcohol and other drug rehabilitation facility dedicated to helping young Aboriginal people.

Healthy Lifestyle Worker toolkit launched

13 December 2011

The Director of the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet, Professor Neil Thomson, today attended the Canberra launch of a new Healthy Lifestyle Worker toolkit to help tackle chronic disease in Indigenous communities.

Halls Creek benefits from alcohol restrictions; new health worker positions

9 December 2011

The Drug and Alcohol Office has released a report on 8 December 2011, on the impact of liquor restrictions in Halls Creek, Western Australia.

New alcohol and other drug worker positions for north-west WA under Royalties for regions program

9 December 2011

Up to 31 alcohol and other drug worker positions will be created to expand treatment, prevention and counselling services across the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia.

More Indigenous Australians accessing targeted health services

26 October 2011

There was a significant increase in the use of services targeted at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in 2009-10 compared with the previous year, according to a report released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Government releases NT consultation report

24 October 2011

The Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin released the Stronger futures in the Northern Territory consultation report in Alice Springs last week.

BushMob's bush adventure therapy program success

21 October 2011

A Bush adventure therapy program run by BushMob has experienced success in its fourth year, through its annual horse trek.

Raising awareness of petrol sniffing in urban South Australia

10 October 2011

Professional educators Warren Miller and Jimmy Perry spend most of the year travelling through rural and remote South Australia, trying to divert people in Aboriginal communities away from petrol sniffing.

Health workers honoured at the Deadly Awards

28 September 2011

The 17th Deadly Awards were held at the Sydney Opera House on the 27 September 2011, recognising outstanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander achievements in sport, the arts, music and health.

New rehabilitation services available in the East Kimberley

14 September 2011

Stage two of the Ngnowar Aerwah 7 Mile Residential Rehabilitation Facility service was officially opened in Wyndham on 8 September 2011.

Indigenous Football Festival message: cannabis and sport don't mix

19 August 2011

Educational messages on mixing alcohol and other drug use and physical activity were delivered at the Indigenous Football Festival recently in Alice Springs.

Drug Aware cannabis prevention campaign for WA

17 August 2011

A new Western Australian state campaign is aimed at increasing awareness about the risks associated with cannabis use.

New Victorian alcohol and other drug strategy - call for public submissions

15 August 2011

The Coalition Government has announced a new whole of government strategy to address alcohol and other drug (AOD) use in Victoria.

Weed it out project funding extended until 2012

26 July 2011

Funding for the Weed it out project in Queensland has been extended until 2012.

New cannabis intervention requirement laws for WA

26 July 2011

The Western Australian government is introducing new laws on cannabis use from 1 August 2011.

Rehabilitation centre to open in Port Hedland

17 June 2011

Port Hedland's first alcohol and other drug rehabilitation centre is set to open in mid-2012.

WA state budget 2011-12: alcohol and other drug sector

8 June 2011

The Minister for Mental Health and Disability Services Helen Morton announced funding for the alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector in a budget bulletin 2011-12.

$160m to Indigenous alcohol and other drug initiatives in WA

25 May 2011

An increase in mining royalties to more than $4 billion in 2012 has given a bonus to the WA government's Royalties for Regions scheme.

Budget 2011-12: alcohol and other drug services

12 May 2011

The Government has announced the new budget for 2011-12, including funding for the alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector.

New National pharmaceutical drug misuse strategy under development

11 May 2011

A consortium led by the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) at Flinders University are currently developing a National Pharmaceutical Drug Misuse Strategy (NPDMS) in response to the emerging problem of pharmaceutical misuse.

New look DrugInfo website launched

9 May 2011

The new look Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) DrugInfo website and email alert service was launched on 4 May 2011 at the 6th International Conference on Drugs and Young People.

More substance use treatment services needed

29 April 2011

The drug policy group Anex is calling for better treatment services for alcohol and other drug use in regional areas such as the Far West.

Injecting drug use and associated harms among Aboriginal Australians report released

27 April 2011

A major new report on injecting drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders was released on 27 April 2011.

Book aims to weed out Indigenous drug use

16 March 2011

A new resource has been introduced into an Indigenous community in far North Queensland as part of the Weed it out project; a crime prevention initiative started in 2007 and run by the Queensland Police Service Far Northern Region Drug Squad and James Cook University (JCU) to identify the full extent of cannabis use and the impact of that use on the community.

Substance use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

8 February 2011

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has just released a report on substance use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, focusing on the three main areas of tobacco use, alcohol consumption and illicit drug use (including petrol sniffing).

National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Conference (NIDAC)

21 June 2010

The inaugural NIDAC conference was held at the Adelaide convention centre on the 16 - 18 June 2010.

Police seize 45kg of kava in remote community

2 June 2010

45kg of kava has been seized in Northern Territory.

New report released: The health and welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

28 May 2010

The latest results from national statistical collections on the health and wellbeing of Australia's Indigenous population have been revealed today with the release of The health and welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 2010.

HIV strategy targets Aboriginal drug users

27 May 2010

Australia's sixth national HIV strategy has been developed by the federal, state and territory governments with input from community organisations, doctors and researchers.

Bush medicine put to the test in WA

23 March 2010

In Warmun, about 200 kilometres south of Kununurra, elders are working with a psychologist on a program to combine traditional healing and conventional treatment methods to address substance use issues among the local Indigenous youth.

The Northern Territory Emergency Response and cannabis use in remote Indigenous communities

8 March 2010

In his letter to the Medical Journal of Australia, Professor Dennis Gray points out that alcohol restrictions remain one of the most effective ways of reducing alcohol-related harm and that the evidence base does not exist to support claims widely asserted in public debate that the Northern Territory alcohol restrictions (those introduced as a part of the NTER and those that exist under the NT Alcohol Management Plans) are responsible for the unintended consequence of cannabis substitution.
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