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Passey ME, Sanson-Fisher RW, D’Este CA, Stirling JM (2014)

Tobacco, alcohol and cannabis use during pregnancy: clustering of risks.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence; 134(1): 44–50


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In: Lee K, Freeburn B, Ella S, Miller W, Perry J, Conigrave K, eds. Handbook for Aboriginal alcohol and drug work. Sydney: University of Sydney: 127-138

This chapter is from the Handbook for Aboriginal alcohol and drug work and provides information for alcohol and other drug (AOD) workers on cannabis, including:

  • cannabis use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • how cannabis is used
  • how cannabis effects the body
  • how to recognise the harms from cannabis
  • how to recognise cannabis dependence
  • how to recognise cannabis withdrawal
  • how to assess a client who uses cannabis
  • how to help a client who uses cannabis
  • reducing the harms is a client cannot or will not stop using cannabis
  • preventing cannabis use.

Abstract adapted from the University of Sydney

Howard J, Alperstein D, Cox S, Zorz H, – LINC Owen Smith (2012)

Young men and yarndi: a pilot to diffuse information on cannabis, its use and potential risks among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Sydney: National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre

This edition of the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) bulletin provides information on the Young men and yarndi program, a camp run in New South Wales that provides young Indigenous men with information about cannabis. This report provides information on:

  • the rationale for the program
  • the theoretical underpinnings of the program
  • the aims of the program
  • how the program is operated
  • lessons learned from the program.

This report also includes the slides of a Power point presentation about the Young men and yarndi program.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

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Last updated: 12 August 2014
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